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Guide Dialogue in Silence

Tobias Schauenburg

Guide Dialogue in Silence

I come from Schleswig-Holstein and actively campaign for Deaf rights in my free time. I’m a member of a sign…

Silke Fasthoff

Communication Assistant

In the 1980s, I first became aware of sign language through an impressive American feature film. Fascinated by this extraordinary…

Sören Schulze

Guide Dialogue in Silence

I was born in Hamburg, deaf at the age of two, and thus raised as a deaf person. Because I…

Rosemarie Walter

Guide Dialogue in Silence

I grew up in Stade as a deaf child with deaf parents, and am especially proud of this. The Deaf…

Andzejus Voroneckis

Guide Dialogue in Silence

I come from a Lithuanian family that is fourth-generation deaf. One of my biggest passions in life is traveling and…

Guide Dialogue in Silence

Laura Valyte

Guide Dialog im Stillen

I grew up in Lithuania with deaf parents and a hearing sister. Because of that, our family only communicated in…

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