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Corona Update: FFP2 Masks in all Dark Areas of Dialoghaus

Please note: For all dark areas (DIALOGUE IN THE DARK, DINNER, workshops),
FFP2 masks are mandatory until further notice, 
in order to protect our staff.

(Children from 6 to 13 years as well as Dialoghaus staff are allowed to wear medical masks)
In all non-dark-areas the mask obligation has been lifted, but is of course still recommended.

Stay healthy! Your Dialoghaus Team.

For You: Dialogue Experiences in the Dark and in Silence

What is empathy? And why would we need more inclusive-ness?

Immerse yourself in different worlds in our fascinating exhibitions Dialogue in Silence and Dialogue in the Dark.

Try something unique and spend an evening with our original Dinner in the Dark. Enjoy an exquisite four-course menu in complete darkness, with the attendence of our blind guides. 

In our latest format, the Dialog Lab with its exhibition MITTENDRIN, you can learn about and test new approaches about inclusion, accessibility, diversity and empathy.

Book your personal dialogue experience in our ticketshop.

For Companies: Space for Meetings & Workshops for Personal Development

Dialoghaus Hamburg offers inspiring, excellently equipped rooms and meeting areas of around 400 sqm.

Our workshops for organisational development offer empowering experiences in darkness and silence.

Contact our event team 040-309 634 0 or

For Schools: Educational Workshops and Tours

“What is inclusion? And what does social participation mean for everyone?

Our experiential tours and educational workshops have the answers and open new horizons for students and teachers alike.

Book conveniently in our ticketshop. For assistance contact our team at

Click your way through the lobby & visit the virtual tour in the Dark

Click your way through the foyer. Meet Pepe, your virtual guide of the exhibition in the Dark. For a small impression of what awaits you, click on the arrow (English with German subtitles).

Corona Rules at Dialoghaus

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