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Important information for groups

Arrival & Check In:

Please be check in at least 15min before the start of your tours and report to the cash desk. We do not need tickets on site. Most of the time we will find you with your name.

To be on the safe side, please have your booking code with you. You will find it in the booking confirmation under the heading.

We will check you into the system and explain the procedure again, which you have already received with the booking.

Group sizes for tours:

In your booking, start times are listed with the number of people. After check-in you divide into these groups, so that each participant knows when he / she starts for which tour.

Feel free to ask our colleagues at the ticket office if you do not know your start times and/or group size.

Start of the tour into the darkness:

The groups should be in the foyer at the red gate at least 3min before the start. There they will be called with “Dialogue in the dark” and the start time. All items should have been locked away in the locker beforehand.

Start of the tour into silence:

Please be at the green door in the foyer at least 3 minutes before the start. There you will be picked up by your guide and led to the lockers on the 1st floor. After you have locked up your things, you will go directly to the exhibition.

Waiting zones in the lobby & Dialog Lab

The “Dialog Lab” with the exhibition “Mittendrin” in the foyer is part of your Dialoghaus visit. Try out your knowledge and test the exhibits on the topic of “inclusion”. Accessibility and inclusion concern us all and affect many people.

Waiting areas invite you to wait for the other participants in your group.

Some walls in the foyer also offer the opportunity to take a selfie as a memento or you can post it on social media.

Specifics for Dialog im Dunkeln:

  • Please enclose luminous items (dial wristwatch, smartwatch).
  • Glowing clothes and bags as well
  • Please lock away jackets or hang them up in the checkroom, because it is warm enough in the exhibition.
  • Glasses please also lock away. In the exhibition it is completely lightless, the glasses have no positive effect.
  • If someone needs the glasses for his well-being, we are not liable for loss or damage
  • Please do not take any food into the exhibition, not even chewing gum
  • Please take some money loose in your pocket (coins or bills up to 10,- €) for the dark bar at the end of the tour. There you can order something to drink or nibble.
  • If something is lost in the dark, you can pick it up a day later at the earliest.
  • If the key of your locker is lost, the key will be looked for only after the exhibition is closed.

Specifics for Dialog im Stillen:

  • You wear soundproof headphones in the exhibition, so it is better to take out larger earrings in advance.
  • You must be able to see things directly in front of you in the exhibition, even over a few meters. If anyone has glasses with them, feel free to take them with you.
  • Please be quiet during the tour and do not engage in spoken conversation.
  • Warning: In the first room there will be flashes of light (similar to a photo flash).
  • If someone with epilepsy needs to skip this part of the exhibit, please let us know before the tour begins.
  • Please do not use the lockers in the lobby.
  • Dialog im Stillen has its own lockers on the 1st floor.
  • You will be picked up before the tour starts and led to the lockers.

Accompanying Persons & Supervision:

If you are visiting the exhibition as an accompanying person, one person should go on the first tour and one on the last tour. This way, there will always be an accompanying person with the group and you will fulfill your duty of supervision.

Please help us to keep the volume in the foyer at a level that is comfortable for everyone present. It is not desired that accompanying persons leave the house or leave the groups unattended.

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