Dialogue in Silence® builds on the successful formula of Dialogue in the Dark®. What happens here is an exchange of roles in which our guests step into ‘a different, silent world’. They wear noise-cancelling headphones and are guided through the world of silence by our deaf colleagues, who take them on a journey which is nevertheless alive with communication. They experience the beauty of non-verbal communication, and learn how to speak with their hands and to hear with their eyes. Allow your hands to dance and your face to express yourself! Learn from our experts in body and sign-language. This is a journey which will enrich you with insights into the fascinating world in which deaf people are able to communicate; it offers  you new ways of understanding.

In our 60 minute tours, deaf staff members lead you in small groups of no more than 12 people through our especially sound-proofed exhibition rooms. You also wear noise-cancelling headphones and step into a variety of situations which require non-verbal communication. Diving into this new world has the effect of reducing anxiety, clearing up common misunderstandings and bridging the gap between the worlds of deaf people and others. It is a great opportunity to overcome your fears of communicating with deaf people and to become more tolerant, courageous and open.

We have been offering this experiential exhibition, Dialogue in Silence, in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt since 2014.

In 2016 we received the ADAC Tourism Prize!

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Our Team

The guides at our exhibition centre are convinced: a visit to Dialogue in Silence is a must!

Because you can overcome anxiety around contact. Because a change of perspective happens and this is a wonderful experience for every visitor. It is a rewarding experience to realise that one can communicate perfectly well without hearing, relying only on non-verbal communication. Everyone has the chance to communicate in an easy and relaxed way with the deaf and to be bolder, more tolerant and more open. Prejudices can be dismantled and in their place one can learn to enjoy the pleasure and elegance of sign-language. It is truly an enriching insight to see how we can communicate with our whole body!

What our visitors say

Mir ist deutlich geworden, welche vielseitigen Möglichkeiten unsere Hände parat haben, um unser Innerstes auszudrücken und über die Augen in Kontakt zu treten - vielen Dank, Lina!

Es war total interessant und hat einen sehr guten Eindruck vermittelt, wie es ist, wenn man nichts hören kann. Man konzentriert sich auf andere Dinge. Nur zu empfehlen.

Wir werden in Zukunft genauer 'hinschauen', danke für die tolle Führung!

Vielen Dank für die sehr interessante und Horizont erweiternde Führung!

Wie spannend was man alles mit Gestik und Mimik erreichen kann.

Lehrreich, Spannend und auf jeden Fall zu empfehlen!

Man erkennt die unendlichen Potentiale der "Anderen" - die so tolle Menschen sind. Eine neue Welt hat sich mir eröffnet.

Ein bewegendes und lehrreiches Erlebnis, eine wichtige Erfahrung, die hoffentlich aufmerksamer und toleranter stimmt.

Wir wollten eigentlich in den Dialog im Dunkeln, aber wir sind in der Stille gelandet. Es war fantastisch, anrührend, belebend, inspirierend, sensibilisierend und noch so vieles mehr! Vielen Dank dem lieben Sören.

Es war sehr bewegend einen Einblick in die Welt der Gebärden zu bekommen, (...) ein riesengroßes Dankeschön!

Die Ausstellung Dialog im Stillen hat mich sehr beeindruckt! Sie eignet sich hervorragend für Schulklassen, da hier viel Interaktion stattfindet.

Frequently asked questions

The basic principle behind both exhibitions is the same – it’s about exchanging roles. You step into the world of silence and will be guided by deaf staff members through a variety of different exhibition spaces. In contrast to the darkened rooms, here it is the sense of hearing which is not available, and your surroundings remain visible.

We start the tours every 15 minutes and they last for 60 minutes.

Please do not bring any devices which can make sounds into the exhibition. There is a free cloak-room where you can safely leave bags and jackets.

No, every group of maximum 12 people is accompanied by a deaf guide. He or she will stay with the tour group for the entire time.

We can sub-divide the group into several smaller groups, and the tours then begin at 15 minute intervals.

There is no verbal communication during the tour. You will be communicating through mime, gesture and signing, and you will not be speaking for 60 minutes. However, at the last exhibit, you will have the opportunity to ask questions in German or  in English.

We have limited capacity for each tour because the Exhibition can only be visited in the company of a deaf guide. For this reason, a reservation is highly recommended.

You receive a confirmation of your booking immediately after making a reservation for groups of 4 and more.

For logistical reasons, we ask our visitors to arrive at the exhibition 30 minutes before the allocated booking time. Unfortunately, it is not possible to enter the exhibition once the tour is underway. We take no responsibility for any delay caused by sickness or violence. The full ticket price is payable, according to our terms and conditions, in the event of any no-shows.

Yes, of course! You can buy gift-vouchers online or directly at our ticket-office. Please note that gift vouchers cannot be refunded or returned.

Yes, for school groups. All ticket prices and available discounts can be found on the ‘Planning your Visit’ page of our website.

You can of course book individually and you will be taken through the Exhibition with other visitors in a group of up to 12 people.

Please turn off all mobile phones, so that there is absolutely no risk of any sound.

If you notice that you are having difficulties, our experienced guides are there to help and reassure you. However, if you need to cut your tour short, the guide will of course lead you back out of the exhibition.

Our public exhibition rooms meet all legal safety requirements, and in addition our guides are specially trained to  provide you with helpful information.

Groups of children aged 7 and above are welcome, and if you are visiting as a family, children as young as 4 are welcome. It is your decision as a family whether a visit of 90 minutes in complete silence is appropriate for your children. In the event that your child decides to stay outside of the exhibition, please note that it is not possible to leave children alone in the foyer.

Yes – only by using headphones can we ensure continuous silence. At the last exhibit, you can of course remove your headphones and ask your guide questions.

Usually there is no problem, however we recommend that you remove your glasses in the event of unforeseen difficulties.

At the end of the tour, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, as a communication assistant is available at the last exhibit to help interpret all your questions for the guide.

We try to make our exhibition accessible to everyone. Please inform us of any special needs at the time of booking, so that we can plan for an extra guide, etc.

We are currently unable to offer tours to wheelchair users. This exhibition is on the first floor and we do not have the facilities on site to be able to assist you.

We always do our very best to accommodate our visitors’ needs, and have experience in looking after our blind guests. However, please decide whether you will need assistance before the tour begins, so that we can make sure that you have all the practical information you need.