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A challenge for everyone: team development in the dark and in silence.

The unusual learning settings of our workshops limit the possibility of perception and the participants initially leave their comfort zone.

Familiar means of communication that everyone brings along and knows cannot be used in this set-up of workshops in the dark and workshops in silence.
Thus, a different kind of communication and perception is required and a high level of teamwork and dialogue skills are mobilized in a very short time.

The competencies of all participants are awakened quickly and sustainably. 

The focus is on the topic with which the team entered the workshop. 


100% Focus on the Essential

Der “Eisbrecher” hat unsere Teilnehmer wirklich fokussiert und sensibilisiert! Mit wachen Sinnen starteten wir in den Seminartag.

Norbert Esters (Trainer)

Der „Möglichmacher“ war für alle eine riesige Erfahrung und alle haben sehr vielschichtige Eindrücke mitgenommen. Die Übertragung auf den Job in Richtung Kommunikation hat im weiteren Verlauf des Workshops sehr gut funktioniert. Ich bin sehr gespannt wie nachhaltig der Effekt sein wird.

Susanne Janssen

Unsere Nachwuchsführungskräfte lernen, worauf es bei Führung wirklich ankommt – während des Seminartags im DIALOG IM DUNKELN erleben sie es hautnah!

Stefanie Preck (Referentin für Personalentwicklung)

Workshop in the Dark: "ICEBREAKER"

You are searching for a workshop that will bring back team communication and a sense of togetherness?

In the workshop “The Icebreaker” you are challenged to look out for each other in the dark and to focus together on the here and now.
Interacting in the dark will awaken all your senses and increase your sensitivity to communication.

Duration: 1 hour

Workshop in Silence: "EYE-CATCHER"

It often happens at meetings and seminars: Everything is prepared, the materials are available ….

All participants are present and yet something is missing … the motivation. How do you get everybody to focus? It is a matter of attracting attention, directing it and holding it – presence. This workshop focuses concentration, awakens motivation and sharpens the senses.

Duration: 1 hour

Workshop in Silence: "KING of CUSTOMERS"

Communication in service is the The Alpha and the Omega.

A convincing, confident appearance depends 80% on body language, facial expressions and gestures. A lack of eye contact, an inappropriate facial expression or simple inattention – misunderstanding customers, guests or employees is not difficult at all. In this workshop, the focus is on using body language in a targeted manner and thus optimizing services.

Duration: plus 1 hour

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Britta Päsch, Leitung Workshops im Dunkeln

Dialoghaus Trainer*innen und Coaches sind besonders ausgebildet. Sie sind blinde oder gehörlose Persönlichkeiten, erfahren in der professionellen Arbeit mit Teams. Mit ihrer Erfahrung aus einem Leben mit Beeinträchtigung schaffen Sie eine Atmosphäre geprägt von Authentizität und Offenheit. So können sie die Teilnehmer unserer Workshops mit Empathie und Humor begleiten.”

Workshop in Silence: "TEAMPLAYER"

Effectiveness, communication and harmony are essential factors for successful teamwork.

In most companies, a variety of people with diverse ideas and competencies come together. Strengths and weaknesses of all colleagues have to be taken into account. The “Teamplayer” guides to develop new perspectives for each other by using non-verbal communication as a medium of expression and by moving on an alternative level of communication.

Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Workshop in the Dark: "ENABLER"

Are you facing new challenges again and again, for which you have to develop new solutions?

Focus on goal-oriented approaches to solutions, search for and discover your potential. The workshop provides thought-provoking impulses for everyday work and inspiration for dealing with change. Insights gained will be applied directly in changing interactions.

Duration: 2 hours

Workshop in the Dark: "EYE OPENER"

Where does your team stand after more than two years of Corona? Are you working with each other, alongside each other, or against each other?

Participants learn about mutual support and trust as success factors of cooperation. The “eye opener” gives your team a strong impulse for more respect and team spirit. The workshop consists of accompanying reflective phases in the light and interactive experiences in the dark experience exhibition.

Duration: 4,5 hours

Workshop im Stillen mit Teilnehmern im Stehen und Sitzen

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The king among the workshops in the Dark: "TEAMPLAYER"

Is your team on the path to a successful future? Do all team members follow the same vision?

The workshop “Setting the Course” helps you to orientate and define the direction. You will get to know, understand and trust each other even better.
During the joint reflection with the blind trainer, you compare your self-image with a view from the outside.

By alternating between interactive phases in the dark and reflection phases in the light, you will recognize strengths, conflicts and unused potentials of your cooperation and agree on further steps for the future.

Duration: 8 hours

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