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Questions about the exhibitions and guided tours

The basic principle behind the exhibitions is the same – it’s about exchanging roles. You step into the world of silence and will be guided by deaf staff members through a variety of different exhibition spaces. In contrast to the darkened rooms of Dialogue in the Dark, it is the sense of hearing which is not available, and your surroundings remain visible. In Dialogue with Time you will be guided by a senior guide and will experience the ups and downs of aging.

Dialogue in the Dark®: a tour starts every 15 minutes and lasts for either 60 or 90 minutes.

Dialogue in Silence®: a tour starts every 15 minutes and lasts for 60 minutes.

Dialogue with Time®: a tour starts every 30 minutes and lasts for 90 minutes.

No, each tour starts as a group and you will be guided through the exhibition.

Dialogue in the Dark®: Each group of max. 8 people will be guided by a visually-impaired or blind guide.

Dialogue in Silence®: Each group of max. 12 people will be guided by a deaf guide.

Dialogue with Time®: Each group of max. 15 or 28 people will be guided by one of our senior guides.

We sub-divide groups that are bigger than the max. number of participants per tour into several smaller groups. We always try to book your tours as close to each other as possible.

In the exhibitions Dialogue in the Dark® and Dialogue in Silence® we offer tours in English. Should you wish to do the tour in another language, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Children age 7 and above are welcome, and if you are visiting as a family, children as young as 4 are welcome. It is your decision whether a visit of 90 minutes in complete darkness or 60 minutes silence is appropriate for your child.

At Dialogue with Time® we propose a minimum age of 12 years, so the child can comprehend the information given by the exhibition.

IMPORTANT! In the event that your child decides to stay outside of the exhibition, please note that it is not possible to leave children alone in the foyer.

Questions about the exhibitions Dialogue in the Dark, Dialogue in Silence, Dialogue with Time

That’s correct. In our Exhibition, you see nothing. The space is completely darkened for the entire time, therefore  your eyes have no visual input.

No. The Exhibition shows the daily reality of blind people. Their reality is as true as any sighted person’s, and non visual sensory input is equally ‘real’.

No! At the End of the exhibition, there is soft muted light so that your  eyes can gently adapt to normal light conditions. There is absolutely no health risk involved.

 Yes, only by using headphones can we ensure continuous silence. At the last exhibit, you can of course remove your headphones and ask your guide questions.

Usually there is no problem, however we recommend that you remove your glasses in the event of unforeseen difficulties.

At the end of the tour, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, as a communication assistant is available at the last exhibit to help interpret  all your questions for the guide.

Questions about Dinner in the Dark

Exactly as in DIALOGUE IN THE  DARK, everyone who works in the darkened areas is either blind or visually impaired.

The chef at Dinner in the Dark has normal vision.

We offer a surprise vegetarian or vegan menu at DINNER IN THE DARK. Please inform us of your needs at the time of booking.

Yes. Be sure to inform us of your food allergies or intolerances when you make your reservation, and we will adapt the menu to your needs.

There is a selection of alcoholic and soft drinks.  You can order your drinks with your guide and pay at the end of the evening. It’s quite simple really as all coins are  different in size and texture. Banknotes can easily be identified by your guide-please feel free to ask for help.

Smoking in the dark is of course not permitted. However, you can ask one of the guides to take you to a lighted area where you can smoke and then be led back in again.

No, the toilets are lighted. You can ask one of the guides to take you there, and  they will also pick you up and  return with you to the exhibition.

Questions about bookings and cancellation

Our tours have a high demand. Therefore we do recommend to book your tours ahead of time. If you still happen to come by without a reservation we are sure to find an empty slot in one of our exhibitions for you.

You receive a confirmation of your booking immediately after making a reservation for groups of 4 and more.

If you cancel your reservation 20 days before your visit, the cancelation will be free of charge. In case you cancel 14 days ahead of time you will be charged 50% of the full price. After the 13th day before the event you will be charged with the full price of the booked tickets.

No, unfortunately we cannot offer refunds. If visitors don’t cancel ahead of time, the tour will start with a smaller number of participants.

For organizational reasons we ask our visitors to arrive at the exhibition 30 minutes before the allocated booking time. Unfortunately, it is not possible to enter the exhibition once the tour is underway. We are not liable for any type of prevention, sickness or force majeure.

You can buy gift-vouchers online in our ticketshop, or order them on our website or directly at our ticket-office. Please note that gift vouchers cannot be refunded or returned.

Yes, we do have special prices for groups. You can find out about all our discounts by calling our bookingline: +49 40 309 634 0

For our regular prices please visit our website.

Questions about disability access and inclusion

Yes, we offer educational workshops for our exhibitions Dialogue in the Dark® and Dialogue in Silence®. A workshop for the exhibition Dialogue with Time® will be available soon.

Schoolchildren get a great deal out of our 45 minute workshop which is held directly before the actual tour itself. Blind or deaf facilitators share their knowledge of being blind/deaf and prepare visitors for the tour in an educational, interactive way. It is also possible to book the workshop at the end of the tour.

Yes, the workshops are interesting for people of all ages who are curious to know more about living with blindness and deafness.

Yes, we offer educational material for the topic blindness and visual- impairments. The educational booklet contains a lot of information, a range of exercises for training the senses, and worksheets appropriate for all ages. This material was fully revised in 2016. Also there will be materials for the Exhibitions Dialogue with Time® and Dialogue in Silence® coming soon.

We try to make our exhibition accessible to everyone. Please inform us of any special needs at the time of booking. Below please find the answers for different special needs:


Is the exhibition accessible to wheelchair users?

Wheelchair users will be accompanied by an extra guide. Those visitors, who use an electric wheelchair, will need to transfer to one of our wheelchairs. Please be aware that you will be taken backwards through the exhibition in the wheelchair, since the guides first need to feel their way through. The exhibitions Dialogue in Silence® and Dialogue with Time® are on the first floor. Therefore they are not barrier free and not accessible for wheelchair users.

Is the exhibition accessible to people with limited mobility?

Visitors with mobility issues may need to use one of our wheelchairs for the tour. A supplementary guide will accompany you in this case.


Is the exhibition appropriate for visitors who are hard of hearing?

 In a room without light, hearing is especially important. If you have any doubts, please inform our guides at the start of the exhibition. At the Dialogue in Silence® you don’t need to worry about your hearing ability. The exhibition is built around this topic for a reason. At the Dialogue with Time® exhibition you need to tell your guide beforehand if you have a hearing deficiency, so the guide can be extra cautious. 


Is the exhibition accessible for deaf visitors?

We always do our very best to accommodate our visitors’ needs, and have experience in looking after our deaf guests. However, please decide whether you will need a sign-language interpreter before the tour begins, so that we can make sure that you have all the practical information you need.


Is the exhibition appropriate for visitors with visual impairment?

We always do our very best to accommodate our visitors’ needs, and have experience in looking after our blind guests. However, please decide whether you will need assistance before the tour begins, so that we can make sure that you have all the practical information you need.

Questions about security and liability

A certain amount of light bumping into other visitors is unavoidable in a darkened space, so we do not recommend a Dialogue in the Dark® or Dinner in the Dark visit if you are more than 6 months pregnant. Also please note, that in the other exhibitions there is limited opportunity to sit for about 60-90 minutes.

Our public exhibition rooms meet all legal safety requirements, and in addition our guides will provide you with helpful information.

If you notice that you are having difficulties, our experienced guides are there to help and reassure you. However, if you need to cut your tour short, the guide will of course lead you back out into the lighted areas.

Please turn off all mobile phones, remove watches with luminous dials and glasses, as well as any other sources of light, and keep them in your bag. You may also leave your glasses with a member of our staff. When you are visiting the Dark bar, you will need some cash.

In Dialogue in Silence® and Dialogue with Time® you will need to lock away anything that emits sounds.

Jackets and backpacks, as well as purses and any valuables should be locked away in our free lockers before every exhibition.

Mobile phones are generally prohibited in the exhibitions.

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