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The workshop “Icebreaker” really focused and sensitised our participants! We started the seminar day with alert senses.

The workshop was a huge experience for everyone with very complex impressions. The transfer to the job in the direction of communication worked very well in the further course of the workshop. I am very curious how lasting the effect will be.

Our junior managers learned what is really important in leadership – during the seminar day in DIALOGUE IN THE DARK they experienced it first hand!

Amazing what the voice reveals about us and what effect it has!

As a manager I am in daily dialogue with my employees and it helps me a lot to know the effect of my body language and my voice. By listening in the dark and seeing in silence I have discovered many possibilities within myself to really perceive myself and other people. […] I have left my comfort zone, I have been able to overcome limits and thus strengthen the trust in my colleagues.

The workshop was totally useful for our team because the focus was shifted from the unimportant to the really important things. […] I got to know my colleagues in a completely different way. They are closer and more familiar to me now. The perfect coaching!

We were able to give each other feedback at eye level and I now know how my colleagues see me. That has brought us closer together. […] As a group we have worked a lot on our communication. We were thus able to strengthen trust and our team spirit.

Das Team Dinner war für uns eine rundum gelungene Veranstaltung. Auch das Essen war wirklich lecker und der Service bestens. Ein besonderes Erlebnis.

Our team has benefited greatly from the support of the blind coaches in dealing with the burning issues for us.

We learned a lot about each other and about our cooperation and the seminar brought us even closer together!

The team workshop hit the mark. In the dark, everyone realised that we are all dependent on each other.

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