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I became deaf at the age of five and grew up with German and English spoken language. It wasn’t until I was 20-years-old that I learned the beautiful sign language. After finishing up my studies in special education, I began my career as moderator and television journalist at Bayerischen Rundfunk in the editorial department “Seeing Instead of Listening”, and then completed numerous reports and film projects over the next 20 years.

My desire has always been to educate society about the fascinating world of the Deaf and their language. With the opening of the Dialog im Stillen® exhibit, I was given the opportunity of creating a direct encounter between the visitors and the Deaf. The discovery of a new form of communication and the interaction on a visual level, allows both parties to break through any insecurities and inhibitions. Through this, the world of the Deaf is tangible, and a change of perspective can take place. As a coach in our silent workshops, I’m able to experience a great deal of enthusiasm again and again by seeing others blossom and by participating in such an extraordinary experience.


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