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Manuela-Kuechenmeister, Teamleader Dinner in the Dark, Dialogue in the Dark

Manuela was born in Hamburg in 1970 with the eye disease “retinitis pigmentosa”. As a child, she rode a bicycle and did not need any aids. Today she still sees 2%. Originally, she studied social education and wanted to offer therapeutic riding for children with multiple disabilities. Then she met Andreas Heinecke. Since she regularly offered a cultural programme in complete darkness in pubs with the association “Blind and Art” in the 90s, she was quickly enthusiastic about Andreas’ plan to set up a dialogue in the dark in the Speicherstadt with a staff of blind and visually impaired people. In 2002, Manuela was there for the first Dinner in the Dark. She still enjoys giving guests an unforgettable evening without candlelight, but with a multi-course menu.

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