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I grew up in Lithuania with deaf parents and a hearing sister. Because of that, our family only communicated in sign language. As a child, I dreamed of becoming a dancer, but I was always told that I had no chance as a deaf person. Nevertheless, I didn’t give up, and even came in first place in the Lithuanian version of “Let’s Dance” in 2010. Last year, I was invited to Stockholm for the Eurovision Song Contest and had the opportunity of translating the songs into International Sign, so basically presenting the songs in sign language. Those were special moments in which I was able to prove myself and break down any pre-existing prejudices that may exist in society. I am still enthusiastically working towards this goal by working as a guide in the exhibition.

It’s time for the hearing society to no longer treat the Deaf population with pity, and to stop setting limits or pre-dictating what we are capable of or destined to do.


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