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Kids like to celebrate in the Dark and in Silence

Why not plan your next kids’ party at Dialogue in the Dark? Your guests, both small and big, can look forward to an unforgettable way of celebrating that special day, packed with new and exciting experiences! Equipped with a blind-cane and led by a blind, or visually impaired guide, you will go on a journey together through the experience-rooms of the exhibition. Is this a bridge that I’m on–I can’t see it–but is it really swaying? Am I really onboard a ship and where is the wind blowing from? Is that a real dog barking nearby? Is this how blind people sense the world around them? Together, everyone will help to create a unique birthday card-in Braille, of course!

On the Dialogue in Silence tour, the birthday boy or girl and their guests will get a chance not only to learn hand gestures but also to have fun experimenting with facial gestures,  and communicating with the body and with sign-language. They will have the expert help of a deaf ‘language-teacher’ and discover the fascinating world of non-verbal communication and how we can use it to better understand each other. Children can learn about a whole new world beyond noise, sounds and voices. What’s more – and this is often astonishing for adults to witness – children will be able to create their very own learning experiences and games.

Tours & Prices

For Ages: 7–13 in (Dialogue in the  Dark®) and ages 5–13 (Dialogue in Silence®)
Duration: 90 minutes (Dialogue in the  Dark®) and 60 minutes (Dialogue in Silence®)
Group size: max. 8 children for Dialogue in the  Dark® / max. 12 children for Dialogue in Silence®
Prices: 129 Euros (109 Euros for  up to 8 additional guests)


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