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For educational institutions: tours & workshops with signs

"Eyes open!" Presence workshop

Learn fascinating facts and background information in the educational workshop EYES OPEN!
Guides from the exhibition Dialogue in Silence will convey these to you in German Sign Language (DGS) with the help of a communication assistant.

There are many questions about the topic: What does everyday life look like for deaf people? The workshop gives insights into everyday life, problems and possibilities of participation.

A very important topic is the question: How has the deaf community developed until today? From the 1st school for the deaf to the recognition of German Sign Language.
A language and a culture on the way to public perception.

What is meant by deaf culture? We provide cultural examples worth seeing, films of sign language poetry and music. 

120 € (up to 24 students)
Each add. Person € 5,00
Duration 45 minutes

+49 (0)40 309 634 0 Mo + Mi 11-14 h Do 10-15 h Fr 16:30 – 18:30 h Sa 10-16 Uhr
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