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Experience Tour Dialogue in Silence

Equipped with soundproof headphones, you will experience the world of people who can hear little or nothing. Deaf guides lead you through several experience stations. The silent experience is a very lively and expressive exchange in non-verbal communication. 

You will learn to love the power and elegance of sign. By immersing yourself in this world, fear of contact will be reduced. 

You will become more courageous to express yourself with gestures. Communication happens in many ways. At the end of a tour you can ask your questions. For this last stop your guide will be assisted by an assistant, so that everything can be translated – in the language you are used to.

Inklusive Dialogue Lab Tour MITTENDRIN

Your Dialog Lab Tour is part of the Tour with Signs and is the perfect complement. We ask you: In which situations have you ever felt “excluded”? Isn’t inclusion a topic that also concerns you and all of us?

In 7 stations you can find out how barriers influence our everyday life. You can make suggestions, try out ideas or become the editor-in-chief of UTOPIA, the barrier-free world of tomorrow.

And, you will meet seven different people with seven different disabilities – via video and audio!

Mir ist deutlich geworden, welche vielseitigen Möglichkeiten unsere Hände parat haben, um unser Innerstes auszudrücken und über die Augen in Kontakt zu treten – vielen Dank, Lina!

Es war total interessant und hat einen sehr guten Eindruck vermittelt, wie es ist, wenn man nichts hören kann. Man konzentriert sich auf andere Dinge. Nur zu empfehlen.

Wir werden in Zukunft genauer ‘hinschauen’, danke für die tolle Führung!

Guide mit einer Geste und Besucher im Hintergrund im Raum der Gesichter
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