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Who will be your guide in the dark? Meet your host.

The experience - a tour in the Dark

Your blind host will guide you through a completely darkened exhibition. You will be in a small group of no more than 8 people. Equipped with a blind cane, you discover the world that we usually take for granted in a completely new way. Hear, feel and find your bearings in various situations of daily life. Going for a walk in the park, crossing a busy city-street, going on a boat trip as well as visiting our Dark Bar. This experience will stay in your memory long after your visit. Blind and visually-impaired guides ensure your well-being at every step through this unfamiliar landscape.

At your last stop, the Dark Bar,  you can talk about your experience over a drink with your host and guide. He or she will answer the questions which naturally arise during the tour. It’s also fun to compare notes with your fellow visitors at this point. This fascinating experience comes to an end after about 60 minutes. Slowly you return to the well-lit foyer.

See nothing - taste everything! The Original DINNER IN THE DARK

At our DINNER IN THE DARK you won’t just find selected and delicious food on the menu. Rather, it’s an extraordinary experience that completely lives without the sense of vision. It stimulates other senses such as smell, touch and taste even more intensively. Are you curious already? Book right here. For an experience of taste you’ll never forget.

From Dark to Sweet - The Classic Dinner

Every Friday & Saturday, 19 h To make sure that you and your company can enjoy this dinner to the fullest, we offer a little introduction tour in the dark first. Once your eyes become adjusted to the darkness, you’ll be guided to your place by one of our staff members. You can trust them completely. They know are the experts due to their own disability or blindness. The next two hours are all about challenging, tickling and rewarding your taste buds. Look forward to pure enjoyment, which combines various seasonal delicacies! Not only on your plate, but also on your tongue – to create a real taste adventure.

Starters | Main course | Dessert Including welcome drink
Euro 69 p.p.

More Adventures in the Dark

Birthday Adventure - Birthday in the Dark

The birthday boy or girl and their guests do without light and celebrate their very own tour! Equipped with a white cane and guided by a visually impaired guide, they explore a new world. This birthday will certainly be an unforgettable experience.

At the end of each birthday tour there is a little surprise for the birthday child and his or her guests!

Available upon request

Team Adventure - Discovery Tour

An expedition full of mysteries. With confidence in your team you can solve our sound puzzle. Go on fragrant paths and master tricky courses. Your luggage includes the needed equipment. Your blind expedition leader knows his way and will help you if you can’t go any further. Enjoy the end of your tour with a relaxed chill-out at the bar.

Discovery Tour is a great surprise gift for any birthday.

Available upon request

Who is preparing your delicious DINNER IN THE DARK?

“Enjoyment is a tribute to life” Our experienced partner Lindner Feinkost could not have put into words better, which is also what stands at the end of every DINNER IN THE DARK. And this is not the only reason why this long-standing family business is the right partner for us. Thanks to the unique quality, hand-picked and fresh products from our own creative Lindner kitchen and bakery, you can smell, taste and feel what culinary excellence means.

Together with Lindner Feinkost, we develop a unique and unforgettable experience for every season, which you should definitely let melt in your mouth. By the way: Of course we can also surprise vegetarians and vegans with our menu. Just tell us your special wishes when you make your reservation and we will take care of the rest.

The story behind the DINNER IN THE DARK

The original idea was born during the 1993 Avignon Theatre Festival, when Michel Reilhac, the producer for our first exhibition Dialogue in the Dark in Paris, France, invited a few friends to a dinner in the dark one evening. The success was resounding, as everyone involved enjoyed the experience very much. Michel then went on to organise dinners in Paris, independently of Dialogue in the Dark in Paris and other cities, under the beautiful name of Le Gout de Noir. This initiative culminated in a TV show: Guess who is coming for dinner. Here celebrities were invited and nobody knew who else was sitting at the table. Via infrared cameras, this show was transmitted to the audience and could stay in the programme for a while. However, blind people were not trusted to provide service, so waiters were equipped with night vision devices to serve the guests. This was a reason for us to distance ourselves from this.

The idea of Dinner in the Dark gained an enormous boost thanks to the entrepreneurial commitment of five people. In Germany, Axel Rudolph began marketing a catering concept in the dark under the name Unsicht-Bar, first in Cologne, then in Berlin and Hamburg. Some of these Unsicht bars are still in operation today and have in turn produced other dark restaurants. In Berlin, other places where people could drink and eat in the dark were created in direct succession. Nocti Vagus can be learned here. In Zurich the exhibition Dialogue in the Dark was shown at the Museum für Gestaltung in 1998. A group of blind people led by Stefan Zappa and Jürg Spielmann decided to take up the idea of Dinner in the Dark and set up an independent venue. The Blinde Kuh was created in an adapted church, which now also celebrates its 20th anniversary. In Paris Edouard de Broglie took over the concept and built up a whole chain with Dan’s Le Noir. There are currently 10 Dans Le Noir restaurants worldwide.

The idea of Dinner in the Dark has prevailed and is now an integral part of experience gastronomy. Thousands of smaller or larger, temporary or permanent Dinner in the Dark are offered. But even in the dark, there are shadows: some organisers do not employ blind waiters, equip guests with night-flight goggles or serve with sighted staff. This corrupts the idea.

Dinner in the Dark is an open concept, it brings blind and seeing people closer, breaks down barriers and opens up a completely new approach to drinks and food for the seeing public. That is the core. And that is what we have to preserve.


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