What do you experience in Dialogue in the Dark?

Dialogue in the Dark® is an experiential exhibition in complete darkness which you cannot explore on your own.

Your blind host will guide you through the completely darkened exhibition in a small group of no more than 8 people. Equipped with a blind cane, you discover the world that we usually take for granted in a completely new way. You hear, feel and find your bearings in various non-visual situations of daily life; going for a walk in the park, crossing a busy city-street, going on a boat trip as well as  visiting  our Dark Bar. This is an experience  which will  stay alive in your memory long after your visit.

Blind and visually-impaired guides ensure your well-being at every step through this unfamiliar landscape.

The last stop on our tour is at the Dark Bar, where you can talk about your experience over a drink with our guides, who are happy to answer all the questions which naturally arise during the tour. It’s also fun to compare notes with your fellow visitors at this point, and this fascinating experience gradually comes to an end after about 90 minutes, when you will slowly return to the well-lit foyer.

Discovery Tour: Expedition and Adventure in the Dark

Would you like a more intense experience of the rich world of darkness?

On the Discovery Tour, together with friends, colleagues or family, you take on the role of a blind explorer and set off on an adventure-packed expedition into a mysterious world.  It’s only by relying on all of your senses and the mutual trust in your travel party, that you can solve the enigma of the sound-puzzle.

Find your way along perfumed trails and overcome the tricky obstacles along the way.

You will be equipped with a travel bag packed with everything that you might need, and supported with the expert knowledge of your blind guide. Rest assured: everyone will make it through to the relaxed chill-out session at the bar!

The Discovery tour is a unique experience for friends and family, or simply as a way to have lots of fun together.

Groups of between 4 to 8 people, with a maximum of 4 groups in total.
Group price, up to 8 people: €239 // Group price for additional groups: €160

For Bookings please contact us at:
Mondays – Friday 09.00 – 19.00 h
 +49 40 309 634 0

Your hosts and guides believe Dialogue in the Dark is a Must!

A visit in the exhibition Dialogue in the Dark is worth it! You do not see anything but discover a lot. With our competence as guides we lead visitors safely and with lots of humor through the darkness.

Visitors get to know each other without leaning on apperances. Prejudices are overcome and daily situations are handled – even buying something in the dark turns into fun.

What do our visitors say?

Herzlichen Dank für die tolle Erfahrung, es war sehr fazinierend und beeindruckend in die Welt des Dunkelns geführt zu werden.

Danke! Tolle Führung, unvergessliche Erfahrung. Danke für die nette Begleitung und allen im DIALOG IM DUNKELN!

Ein sehr einprägsamer und beeindruckender Besuch. Vielen Dank für den Einblick in euren Alltag. Wir werden euch weiter empfehlen. Krasses Erlebnis!

Respekt an alle die, die einen Verlust der Sehkraft haben.

Herzlichen Dank für den netten Empfang und die sehr interessante Führung. Wir werden es weiter empfehlen.

Respekt an die, die sich täglich in dieser Welt zurecht finden.

Es war wirklich besonders mit dir durch die Räume zu gehen, die anfängliche Angst war wie verflogen.

Schöner Einblick in die Alltagssituationen blinder Menschen, aber auch eine eindrucksvolle Sinneserfahrung.

Eine supertolle Führung, um die Welt eines Blinden zu entdecken. Sehr empfehlenswert.

Für uns war es ein großartiges Erlebnis, sich in die Lage eines Blinden hineinversetzen zu können und viele Informationen zum alltäglichen Leben eines Blinden von unserem Guide zu erhalten. Danke.

What is the impact of the exhibition on our visitors?

98% of our visitors are grateful for the experience of Dialogue in the Dark

Most people, even years later, recall the guided tour and the guides themselves

96% of our visitors recommend the tour to others

Some visitors come back several times!

Many schoolchildren have visited Dialogue in the Dark at least once

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