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You wear noise-cancelling headphones and are guided through the world nonverbal communication by deaf guides. They take you on a journey which is alive with communication. Experience the beauty of non-verbal communication, and learn how to speak with your hands and to hear with your eyes. This is a journey which will enrich you with insights into the fascinating world of deaf people. Their ability to communicate offers you new ways of understanding. 

A great opportunity to overcome fears of communicating with deaf people.

In our 60 minute tours, deaf guides lead you in small groups through our especially sound-proofed exhibition rooms. You step into a variety of situations which require non-verbal communication. Diving into this new world has the effect of reducing anxiety. It clears up common misunderstandings and bridges the gap between the world of deaf people and others. In 2016 we received the ADAC Tourism Prize for this exhibition format.

It has become clear to me what versatile possibilities our hands have for expressing our innermost being and making contact through the eyes – thank you very much!

It was totally interesting and gave a very good impression of what it is like when you can’t hear anything. You concentrate on other things. Highly recommended.

We will take a closer look in the future, thanks for the great tour!

Thank you very much for the very interesting and horizon widening tour!

Wie spannend was man alles mit Gestik und Mimik erreichen kann.

Instructive, exciting and definitely recommendable!

You can see the infinite potential of “others” – who are such great people. A new world has opened up for me.

A moving and instructive experience, an important experience, which hopefully will make you more attentive and tolerant.

We actually wanted to experience dialogue in the dark, but we ended up in dialogue in silence. It was fantastic, touching, invigorating, inspiring, sensitising and so much more! Many thanks to dear Sören.

It was very moving to get an insight into the world of signs, (…) a huge thank you!

I was very impressed by the exhibition Dialogue in Silence! It is very suitable for school classes, as there is a lot of interaction here.

Your hosts in Dialogue in Silence


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