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Entrance to the exhibition Dialogue in the Dark with a Guides and white cane passing in Front of the entrance Fresh Grapefruit cut in half on a black background, Dinner in the Dark Motive honey flowing very smoothly from a spoon in front of black background, Dinner in the Dark Motive

Available in our ticketshop. In Dialogue in the Dark visually-impaired and blind guides lead you in small groups through a world in completely dark spaces. This is an experience which will stay in your memory long after your visit.

Dinner In The Dark Logo

Available in our ticketshop. At the original DINNER IN THE DARK you won’t just find delicious food on the menu. Rather, it’s an extraordinary experience that completely lives without the sense of vision, stimulating your smell and taste even more intensively.

Currently not available. In Dialogue in Silence everything happens in normal light and absolute quietness. The rooms are isolated from external sound and you wear noise-protectors. You ‘hear’ with your eyes and ‘speak’ with your hands. 

Back soon!

Due to Corona Lockdown in November we have to close from 02. to 30. November 2020. We hope to re-open in December, so tickets are available in our ticket shop for December 2020. Your Dialoghaus Team


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