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In Dialogue in the Dark visually-impaired and blind guides lead you in small groups through a world in completely dark spaces. This is an experience which will stay in your memory long after your visit.

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At the original DINNER IN THE DARK you won’t just find delicious food on the menu. Rather, it’s an extraordinary experience that completely lives without the sense of vision, stimulating your smell and taste even more intensively.

In Dialogue in Silence everything happens in normal light and absolute quietness. The rooms are isolated from external sound and you wear noise-protectors. You ‘hear’ with your eyes and ‘speak’ with your hands, an impressive experience!

Virtual Visit in Dialogue in the Dark & Entrance Area

Hello, I am your Guide in the Dark!

Click through the foyer and explore our entrance area. You will meet a guide, Pepe, when you click on the arrow in the entrance to the exhibition of Dialogue in the Dark. Follow him on a short virtual tour in the dark…. English with German subtitles.

Have fun!

What awaits you in a Dialogue Experience? Follow enthusiastic visitor comments from more than 20 years of Dialogue...

Thank you very much for the wonderful evening. It was an incredible experience. It was also very informative for us.

An indescribably ingenious experience of this dinner, those who have not yet done so should do so, otherwise they will…read more

A great "Dinner in the Dark" opened our eyes - and our senses.

Thank you very much for the attention and hospitality. At no time did I feel helpless or at the mercy…read more

Many thanks for the unique experience, the nice companions of the evening and the good food. This "other" world was…read more

To dive into another world was unique for me. Thanks a lot.

You only see well with your heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes.

Thank you very much for this eventful evening full of surprises. Highly recommended and certainly not the last time in…read more

A successful, delicious evening that will give you really special moments and sharpen all your senses! We will definitely recommend…read more

A great experience, which is difficult to describe. From now on you will see many things with different eyes.

It was a good experience for us. The food was excellent. The evening will remain in our memories for a…read more

We were with you last Saturday in Hamburg and wanted to say thank you for a great, probably life-changing experience…read more

The workshop "Icebreaker" really focused and sensitised our participants! We started the seminar day with alert senses.

The workshop was a huge experience for everyone with very complex impressions. The transfer to the job in the direction…read more

Our junior managers learned what is really important in leadership - during the seminar day in DIALOGUE IN THE DARK…read more

Amazing what the voice reveals about us and what effect it has!

As a manager I am in daily dialogue with my employees and it helps me a lot to know the…read more

The workshop was totally useful for our team because the focus was shifted from the unimportant to the really important…read more

We were able to give each other feedback at eye level and I now know how my colleagues see me.…read more

Das Team Dinner war für uns eine rundum gelungene Veranstaltung. Auch das Essen war wirklich lecker und der Service bestens.…read more

Our team has benefited greatly from the support of the blind coaches in dealing with the burning issues for us.

We learned a lot about each other and about our cooperation and the seminar brought us even closer together!

The team workshop hit the mark. In the dark, everyone realised that we are all dependent on each other.

It has become clear to me what versatile possibilities our hands have for expressing our innermost being and making contact…read more

It was totally interesting and gave a very good impression of what it is like when you can't hear anything.…read more

We will take a closer look in the future, thanks for the great tour!

Thank you very much for the very interesting and horizon widening tour!

Wie spannend was man alles mit Gestik und Mimik erreichen kann.

Instructive, exciting and definitely recommendable!

You can see the infinite potential of "others" - who are such great people. A new world has opened up…read more

A moving and instructive experience, an important experience, which hopefully will make you more attentive and tolerant.

We actually wanted to experience dialogue in the dark, but we ended up in dialogue in silence. It was fantastic,…read more

It was very moving to get an insight into the world of signs, (...) a huge thank you!

I was very impressed by the exhibition Dialogue in Silence! It is very suitable for school classes, as there is…read more

Many thanks for the great experience, it was very fascinating and impressive to be led into the world of darkness.

Thank you! Great tour, unforgettable experience. Thank you for the nice company and all in the DIALOGUE IN THE DARK!

A very memorable and impressive visit. Thank you very much for the insight into your everyday life. We will recommend…read more

Respect to all those who have a loss of sight.

Respect to those who find their way in this world every day.

It was really special to walk through the rooms with you (note: the guide), the initial fear was gone.

A beautiful insight into the everyday situations of blind people, but also an impressive sensory experience.

A brilliant tour to discover the world of a blind person. Highly recommended.

It was a great experience for us to be able to put ourselves in the position of a blind person…read more


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