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Experience the world without vision, the world without hearing
and the world of ageing.

The Experiential Exhibition In The Dark

The experiential exhibition in the Dark

In Dialogue in the Dark visually-impaired and blind guides lead you in small groups through your a world in completely dark spaces. 

The Experiential Exhibition About Aging

The experiential exhibition about Aging

Dialogue with Time is about people who are older than 70. You will feel for yourself some of the physical and mental restrictions which are part of an old-person’s world. Take some time out and experience ‘retirement’ with us.

The Experiential Exhibition In Silence

The experiential exhibition in Silence

In Dialogue in Silence everything happens in normal light and absolute quietness. The rooms are isolated from external sound and you wear noise-protectors. You ‘hear’ with your eyes and ‘speak’ with your hands. 


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