In Dialogue in the Dark, visually-impaired and blind guides lead you in small groups through a colourful world of smells and sounds,  of winds and temperatures and textures – in completely darkened spaces. Equipped with a blind cane and the attentive support of your guide, you experience the world around you and the challenges of daily life from a completely new perspective which simulates the reality of a disabled person. Rest assured that you can place full trust in our blind colleagues who are there to lead you safely through their world of internal images.

In Dialogue in Silence, everything happens in normal light – and absolute quietness. The rooms are completely isolated from external sound and you also wear noise-protectors. And obviously, speaking is not allowed. This allows you to ‘hear’ with your eyes and ‘speak’ with your hands. You will move through various scenarios which allow you to discover how you can communicate without speaking. There are so many ways how to exchange information with your body, your face, your hands, and to express not only feelings such as anger or grief, but also happiness and affection. There is no yelling, not a word spoken, and yet a fascinating world of communication emerges.

Dialogue with Time is about sharing with people who are older than 70. They can respond to questions from children, and enable grown-ups to understand that even very old people still have many opportunities open to them; our guides are themselves living proof that seniors have a great deal to offer. You will have the possibility to feel for yourself some of the physical and mental restrictions which are part of an old-person’s world. We invite you to take some time out and experience ‘retirement’ with us, and allow our guides to reveal the ‘art of ageing’ in a whole new light.

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