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Challenge your team spirit and focus your team!

Many people have had the experience of being in a partnership or team-project when a little nudge is what is needed to inspire long-standing projects with some fresh energy and new creativity – without compromising the team’s successful collaboration. Or maybe yours  is a new team, on the cusp of success, but held back by a lack of clarity about roles and how best to communicate?

We invite you to come out of your comfort zone and to focus your team’s spirit on some new challenges!

Team Dinner

By using a variety of creative and well-thought out techniques, our blind trainer will inspire your staff with a new sense of team-spirit. Thoroughly prepared, everyone will be ready for the next big challenge, which is to set the dinner table and pour the drinks in complete darkness,  drawing on mutual support and conscious communication. Over a three course meal, your team will not only learn together from their success, but also celebrate it together!

Duration: ca. 2,5 hours
Price:  € 100,00 (add.charge of 19 % VAT per participant)

Special Agent Training

You will take on the role of a secret agent and become part of a thrilling plot which requires you to complete certain tasks in utter darkness. To accomplish your mission, you will have to rely on your cooperation and communication abilities before you can celebrate your team’s success together and finally earn your ‘License for Teamwork’!

Duration: ca. 2 hours
Price: € 90,00 (add. charge of 19 % VAT per participant) 

Christmas in Silence & Christmas in the Dark

Christmas in Silence

Enjoy a moment of calm in the hectic lead-up to Christmas, and learn the essentials of non-verbal communication from our Dialogue in Silence team. Discover how to understand your colleagues or guests without the use of words,  how to read their needs thorough their eyes,  or amaze  them by ‘singing’ a Christmas carol in sign-language. Discover a new way of communicating!

Duration: ca. 1,5 Std.
Price: € 35,00 per Person Person add. 19% VAT (includes 1 Mulled wine & a Christmas treat)
Groups: 15 People and upwards

Christmas in the Dark

Suddenly, Christmas is nearly here and there’s still so much to do: decorating the Christmas tree, putting up the lights, preparing the Nativity crib or wrapping presents! That’s a lot to take care of – especially when you have to do it all in the dark! However, it is  truly possible, with a little support form our blind trainer,  a lot of team-spirit and a sense of humour! When everyone pulls together, the Christmas lights will be on in no time and everyone will feel the Christmas magic in the air.  Soon, top managers and technicians will be standing shoulder to shoulder singing their hearts out!

Our tip: Book your Christmas  in the Dark event in our rooms with a dinner or buffet menu of your choice (Enquire for Prices).

Duration: ca. 1,5 hours
Price: € 35,00 per Person add. 19% VAT (includes 1 Mulled wine & a Christmas treat)
Groups: 15 People and upwards


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