Learning with all the senses: empathy and inclusion matter to all of us. That’s why it is so important  for schoolchildren to address these issues early. Our exhibitions are exceptionally valuable for learning about the stages of life, and offer children exciting new perspectives which are simply not possible to communicate in a conventional classroom.

Crucial lessons can be learned through experiential learning:

Dialog im Dunkeln

  • Empathetic relating with other people
  • Being different is not being worse
  • Sympathy is unnecessary

Dialog im Stillen

  • Gesellschaftliche Teilhabe aller Menschen
  • Sensibilisierung für die Lebenssituation gehörloser Menschen
  • Erweiterung des Verständnisses von Kommunikation
  • Phantasievolle Umsetzung von Gedanken in lautlose Zeichen
  • Förderung der visuellen Wahrnehmung
  • Einblick in die Gebärdensprache als vollständiges Sprachsystem
  • Abbau von mentalen und sozialen Barrieren

 Our exhibitions and workshops have already been used as a platform for non-classroom learning by more than 12.000 teachers

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