Join our adventure tour in the dark

Would you like a more intense experience of the rich world of darkness? Come with us on a journey of adventure. On the Discovery Tour, together with friends, colleagues or family, you take on the role of a blind explorer and set off on an adventure-packed expedition into a mysterious world.  It’s only by relying on all of your senses and the mutual trust in your travel party, that you can solve the enigma of the sound-puzzle, find your way along perfumed trails and overcome the tricky obstacles along the way.

You will be equipped with a travel bag packed with everything that you might need, and supported with the expert knowledge of your blind guide. Rest assured: everyone will make it through to the relaxed chill-out session at the bar!

Book an unforgettable event

The Discovery tour is a unique experience for friends and family, as a team building event for groups of colleagues, or simply as a way to have lots of fun together.

Groups of between 4 to 8 people, with a maximum of 4 groups in total.

Group price, up to 8 people: € 239

Group price for additional groups: € 160

The discovery tour can also be booked outside our regular opening times.

Click here or simply call 040 309 6340