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Dialoghouse is a success story

Our origins lie in a story of conviction, stamina and success

Andreas Heinecke is one of the first–and certainly one of the most successful–German social entrepreneurs.

During his time at Southwest Radio, in 1988 he supervised a colleague who had lost his sight back into his daily routine at the radio station. Instead of the usual helper-victim syndrome, there was a reversal of roles  from the very first moment. The effects of these meetings were so long-lasting that Andreas Heinecke began experimenting with events held in darkness for people without visual impairment.

And so began the exhibition now known as Dialogue in the Dark®, where blind guides share a new perspective  with  visitors and in this way, have a lasting social  impact. Dialogue in the Dark was first presented in Frankfurt. Since then, there have been exhibitions and workshops worldwide, in cooperation with local partners. Millions of people visit Dialogue in the Dark, and  through it  have a direct experience of empathy and tolerance for alternative perspectives.

The Dialogue in Silence exhibition has been contributing to this work since 1997. Here, deaf guides transmit an experience of silence through sign and body language. Andreas Heinecke has received many awards for his work. He was voted the first Ashoka fellow in Europe in 2005, and is a member of the Global Agenda Council on Social Entrepreneurship at the World Economic Forum, and is a Global Fellow at the Schwab Foundation.

Dr Andreas Heinecke studied literature and history and completed a doctorate in philosophy. He is Professor of Social Business at the European Business School. In 2008 he founded Dialogue Social Enterprise GmbH to house the Dialogue concepts as well as the consulting services for social entrepreneurs and the ‘friend-chise’ partners of the exhibitions. Dialogue with Time is the latest concept being developed by Dr Heinecke and his creative team,  his wife Orna Cohen, acting as the curator and producer of he new exhibition. Dialogue with Time facilitates a very personal view of ageing. The initial exhibitions were first presented in 2014/2015 in Frankfurt, Berlin and Bern. The international exhibition, Dialogue with Time,  has been running since 2016 in Taiwan, Finland and Singapore. Dialogue with Time has been established as permanent exhibition in Dialogue House Hamburg in May 2018.


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