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We stand for an empathic world without prejudice

Exhibitions and workshops can be an important agent of social change. The visitor goes through a shift in perspective which acts as a positive social reference-point; respect replaces sympathy and the habit of focussing on what’s ‘missing’ turns into recognition. Each visitor or participant indirectly contributes to a better integration of disabled people within society. They enable us to provide income and meaningful work to people who all too often are deprived of these basic rights because of prejudice and exclusion. So far, we have been able to reach 8 million people from 38 countries and 170 cities. Since  opening in April 2000, in Hamburg alone we have opened our doors to more than 1.25 million visitors here in the Speicherstadt. There are 100,000  visitors each year to the exhibitions Dialogue in the Dark® and Dialogue in Silence® in Hamburg.

Globally, there are about 860,000 visitors from 20 nations who  visit one of our exhibitions(currently numbering 24) each year. This impressive achievement is also reflected in the number of people who work with us: worldwide, 8000 blind, visually-impaired or deaf people are employed at one of the exhibitions.

Dialogue House Hamburg gGmbH has about a hundred employees, sixty percent of whom are deaf or visually-impaired. Together with all our employees, we  are directly contributing to an inclusive society. Our business model is founded on promoting empathy and  social interaction which is  free of prejudice, and we aim to do this without moralising. Social inclusiveness is how we measure our success. Economic development and stability guarantee long-term success and adaptability to organisations and to their employees.

Since 2016, Dialogue in  the Dark® und Dialogue in Silence® have formed a joint platform under the umbrella organisation of  Dialogue House Hamburg gGmbH. A third exhibition, Dialogue with Time,  has been opening in May 2018. This experiential exhibition puts ageing at centre-stage, and visitors will benefit from the rich experience of senior citizens over 70. The exhibition has been running successfully since 2014 and 2016 in France, Berlin, Switzerland and Finland.


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